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Meet our team

Cappuccino Man is a company built upon the promise to deliver quality service to our clients and guests. That's why each of our baristas are professionally trained, hand-picked, and part of the family. 



elliot lewkow | @capman29

Elliot is the founder and owner of Cappuccino Man who pioneered the "coffeehouse on wheels" concept after moving from California to Michigan in 1992. The original concept was to sell steamer machines married to a cold brew espresso. Soon thereafter, a catering opportunity arose and Cappuccino Man was born. He is proud that after 25 years business is booming. Elliot feels confident about the future as daughter, Sarah assumes leadership of the company. 


SARAH LEWKOW | @sosiebaby2

Sarah Lewkow started working behind the cart on a step stool at the age of 10. Throughout college Sarah sharpened her barista skills while working at Biggby Coffee in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Sarah also spent 5 years crafting espresso drinks at Plum Market in the Zingerman's Cafe in West Bloomfield, Michigan. After receiving a bachelors degree from Western Michigan University, Sarah became Co-Owner and General Manager of Cappuccino Man Michigan.


Laverne Jones

Laverne's love for coffee began at the age of 13 when he was gifted a used espresso machine. He used to throw latte parties in high school for his friends and family, soon thereafter, Laverne started working in the food industry in various capacities. Eventually he became the assistant manager of Ellen's Bakery and Cafe, where he perfected his skills as a barista. Laverne has been working for Cappuccino Man for five years and hopes to one day open his own coffee lounge.

Bryan - B.jpg


Bryan has been in the coffee business for some time now. He once made a latte for Steve Yzerman and somehow maintained his composure through the process. He has been working with Cappuccino Man since July of 2016 and enjoys being part of such a solid team, as well as caffeinating the good people of Michigan as often as he can.


CLARE CARR | @clar3mily

Clare joined the Cappuccino Man team in October of 2016. Since then,  she has refined her barista skills and is making a lot of progress with her latte art. When Clare is not working for Cappuccino Man, she supervises school-based programs at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Detroit. In her spare time, Clare enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, climbing and riding her bike.


Tasha Peace | @tashmygosh3

Tasha Peace has always been an avid coffee enthusiast, from sneaking sips of Folger’s as an adolescent to helping pick coffee cherries in a Nicaraguan coffee farm, the passion for the bean has not ceased. Currently she is a supervisor for a reserve Starbucks location. Recently she has began to blend her love for artwork with coffee by the incorporation of Latte art, which she finds both challenging and exciting. Her participation with Cappuccino Man has highlighted her enthusiasm for--and love of the coffee culture. Eventually she would like to return to central America and learn more of their sustainable coffee



NOAH LEWKOW | @thebroah

Noah moved to Los Angeles from the suburbs of Detroit in 2003 to pursue a career in the skateboarding industry while finishing his college education at Cal Poly Pomona. In 2013 while working at a skateboard shop in Venice Beach he decided to launch Cappuccino Man California as a side gig. The demand for an espresso cart at special events was more than he had anticipated and it quickly became a full-time job. The company has served at over 1000 events in the Los Angeles area over the past 3.5 years with 6 carts, 3 vehicles, and about 10 baristas. 


REBEKKAH CEFAI | @all_our_wonder

Rebekkah is a twenty-six year old student, mother, and wedding photographer with a love for coffee and the community it fosters. In 2013, she received formal coffee training from a third wave shop called Dripp in Chino Hills, and ever since then she has toured throughout the LA area and Portland seeking out shops and tasting different coffee varieties. She currently works alongside Noah and has fun supporting the Cappuccino Man business.


Brian Baca | @_cosmokramer

Brian is originally from Portland, Oregon and moved to Los Angeles about five years ago to pursue a career in the skateboarding industry. Being from the Pacific Northwest he was always surrounded by coffee enthusiasts and quality third wave coffee shops. He is also naturally talented sketch artist which helped him to quickly and easily learn how to steam milk properly and pour latte art. His training comes exclusively from working behind the CapMan cart and he is now a staple on the SoCal barista team.


Samantha Henning | @samkhenning

Sam is an actor who works as a barista to feed herself and fuel her dreams. She is a New Jersey native who earned her BFA in acting from DePaul University in Chicago. She also enjoys photography, laughing at her own jokes, and finding every possible opportunity to adventure like a child. She also has an adorable dog named Batman. Sam currently works in Santa Monica at a third wave coffee shop called Demitasse. 

Clara_Lewis_Headshot 32.jpg

Clara Lewis | @claralouie

Clara joined the coffee game in Seattle in 2010. It's been a winding road, but one thing has been constant - she's always called back to the brew. Outside of work for the Cappuccino Man, Clara can be found slinging quality coffee Aussie style at Little Ripper Coffee in Glassell Park. Her favorite drink to make: extra dry cappuccino, (just to show off). Her favorite drink to drink: a smooth medium roast, black, because she's classic like that.


Reynolds Jenkins "Rej"| @staxinbenfranks

Rej has been in coffee going on 6yrs. He originally started at Starbucks and left shortly after to join a specialty shop. Within 6 months he was promoted from barista to espresso bar supervisor, training staff for a new cafe opening in NYC. After 3yrs he moved to LA to pursue acting and fashion and still loves pouring lattes.


Brittany Martin

Brittany has been working in the coffee industry for over 10 years. Starting in corporate coffee as many baristas do, she moved into third wave coffee after her coffee knowledge grew, and with that her passion for ethically grown coffee and latte art. She has been living and working in the LA coffee scene for three years while pursuing a BA in Studio Arts. Feel free to test your best (or worst) puns and Dad jokes on her anytime you catch her on the cart!