The Cart

A touch of class at your special event.

Cappuccino Man's professional and experienced baristas prepare gourmet drinks from exquisite hand-crafted cherry wood carts. 

We enhance every occasion with delicious offerings, including espresso, cappuccino, chai tea, and natural fruit smoothies. Whether you are entertaining 30 guests at home or planning to serve 2,000 guests at a corporate event, the Cappuccino Man is a great addition for your event. 

Our Baristas

Professional and Courteous.

Our friendly and knowledgeable baristas prepare every drink made-to-order for your party guests. The self-contained steaming unit and commercial espresso machine allow our baristas to prepare drinks in a quick and consistent manner, making it possible to handle a crowd of any size.

Drink Offerings

Something for Everyone.

 With 5 flavored syrups to choose from (including sugar free), chai tea, hot chocolate, iced options and more we are able to please virtually everybody that steps under our umbrella.

Decaf espresso and soy/almond milk options are always available.


Impress your guests with a personalized design. 

We can create customized drinks for your event using latte stencils with a logo, icon, or basic text which will appear in cinnamon or cocoa powder on top of your guests' drinks.

Environmental Commitment

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we exclusively use compostable and vegetable-based plastic cups and straws and recycled paper napkins.